Sunday, March 8, 2015

Guest speaker at Microsoft Dubai Global Forum.

Dubai Global Forum | 22-23 February 2015
The Global Forum in Dubai from 22-23 February, enabled by Microsoft, was a chance  for education stakeholders to discuss how technology can address key challenges in Education for the 21st Century. Education Leaders, School Leaders, Innovation Partners and Stakeholders from International Organizations and NGOs engaged in work sessions on preparing Learners for Work and Life in the 21st Century. Eve Psalti, Microsoft Director Worldwide Education, Brad Tipp, Microsoft Chief Technology Officer, Worldwide Education and James Bernard, Microsoft Director Education Partners represented Microsoft education at the event.
The audience of well over 500 included K12 and Vocational innovative educators, school leaders, partners, NGOs, government officials and media from nearly 40 countries across the Middle East, Africa and India.

It was a great privilege for me to be invited at Microsoft Dubai Global Forum as Panelist for Educators Track and the topic was
Concepts and Contexts for Deep Learning"
Facilitator: Dr. Cathy Cavanaugh; 
Interveners: Megan Rademeyer, SchoolNet; 
Expert Educators: Meenakshi Uberoi; Mamta Narula; Lyneth Crighton

I was accompanied by Meenakshi Uberoi. She is a nice friend and an innovative educator and above all an excellent human being . It was an excellent experience taking sessions with you and spending time in exploring Dubai 's Malls.

Got an opportunity to meet Mr Anthony Salcito(Vice President, Microsoft Worldwide Education, Microsoft Corporation) in person and and to listen to his insights in to Use of Technology in Teaching .He said "Technology can not be your plan but it can definitely be part of your plan "

Also got chance to meet young , energetic and lovely person Minnia Feng (Business Development Manager at Microsoft ) . She arranged for My Daily Adventure's interview  with Mr Anthony Salcito.

Got an opportunity to visit Innovation area and see the latest additions and innovations in technology in teaching 

Shining Team India at Regional Dinner during the Global Forum Dubai at Meydan Hotel 
Prof. Khincha
Dr. Sandeep Sancheti, President Manipal University
Dr. Veena Kumar
Mr. Om Pathak
Manu Mital
Vinnie Jauhari (Director Education Advocacy Microsoft Corporation India Pvt.) Ltd.

A big thank to Vinnie Jauhari Maa'm for all her support and cooperation .

Check this Sway to get glimpse of learning at Microsoft Dubai Global Forum.

Click here  for details of event ( Agenda ,sessions , speakers ,resources )

Check video of the event

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